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Noland Johnson

Noland Johnson is a member of the Tohono O'odham Nation and farms his grandfather's dry land farm, Pancho Farms, in Cowlic on the T.O. Nation. This is a 40-acre farm irrigated by rain water only. Rain water gets collected from the runoff off the mountains through numerous channels. This farm focuses on traditional Tohono O'odham crops like white and brown tepary beans (bawi), 60-day corn (hu:n) and T.O. Squash (ha:l). This is one of the training sites for Ajo CSA beginning farmers apprentices. Noland also offers traditionally- harvested and prepared cholla buds (ciolim) and saguaro fruit syrup (sitol) and saguaro seeds (kai). To learn more or purchase please contact Noland.


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Noland Johnson

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