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Joyce Millar

Sonoran Skies Campground is a small privately owned campground in the community of Why, Az. It is owned and operated by Joyce Millar and her 13 year old back lab mix, Maggie. Part of the campground is for our chickens and garden.

Our eggs are laid by a group of healthy, friendly and very well cared for chickens. Most have names and are guarded by Toby and Jimmie, the roosters!. They are a mix of blue and brown egg layers from Australorps, Barred Rock, Bielefelder, Orpingtons, Brahmas and Cochins to Cream Legbars, Whiting True Blues and White Sapphires. The hens are free range and have almost 3acres to wander around on.

We raise baby chicks and introduce a new group each year to our flock. Continually turning over the flocks means we get high quality and quantity of fresh eggs.

We are thrilled to partner with Ajo Farmer’s Market and Cafe and continue to support each other’s small farm business.


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Sonoran Skies Campground

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